Nicole + Andy | The Backyard of Love | Hibiscus Inn, Grayton Beach, FL

Nicole and Andy were high school sweethearts.  They lost touch, experienced a little bit of this adulting thing, and somehow found their way back together.  Life gave them a new appreciation for their relationship, each other, and family.  Nicole and Andy got married in their ‘happy place’, a beautiful beach on the Gulf Coast of Florida. This was a destination wedding for the two and their little family, and I was lucky enough to document their wedding story. Listening to everyone talk about Nicole and Andy and their love story made me cry (happy tears) because I am Jessi and I cry often (it is true) and also because you could hear the sincerity in the voice of everyone you talked to.  These two (and their little family) are so loved and adored!

This wedding was hippy-chic (that’s a real thing, right?).  It was a beautiful, honest reflection of the two of them.  Nicole (with the help of Ceremony Design Company) had such a clear vision for the day and it was executed to perfection, rain and all.  Everything meant something to them. Every detail was important and sentimental and a perfect reflection of Nicole and Andy.

florida destination wedding photographer_0001
florida destination wedding photographer_0006
florida destination wedding photographer_0007
florida destination wedding photographer_0003
florida destination wedding photographer_0009
florida destination wedding photographer_0004
florida destination wedding photographer_0011
florida destination wedding photographer_0010
florida destination wedding photographer_0008
florida destination wedding photographer_0041
florida destination wedding photographer_0013
florida destination wedding photographer_0042
florida destination wedding photographer_0005
florida destination wedding photographer_0014
florida destination wedding photographer_0032
florida destination wedding photographer_0023
florida destination wedding photographer_0017
florida destination wedding photographer_0019
florida destination wedding photographer_0018
florida destination wedding photographer_0021
florida destination wedding photographer_0045
florida destination wedding photographer_0020
florida destination wedding photographer_0043
florida destination wedding photographer_0024
florida destination wedding photographer_0025
florida destination wedding photographer_0033
florida destination wedding photographer_0026
florida destination wedding photographer_0016
florida destination wedding photographer_0036
florida destination wedding photographer_0030
florida destination wedding photographer_0035
florida destination wedding photographer_0034
florida destination wedding photographer_0038
florida destination wedding photographer_0044
florida destination wedding photographer_0039
florida destination wedding photographer_0040


MADE MORE AWESOME WITH THE HELP OF THESE PROFESSIONALS-  photography: Jessi Field Photography | venue: The Hibiscus Inn, Grayton Beach, FL | wedding planner and designer: Ceremony Design Company | catering: Shore Dogs Food Truck, Panama City Beach, FL | Grayton Beer Company | cupcakes: Sweet Henrietta’s Cupcake Truck, Santa Rosa Beach, FL | dress: Shareen Vintage Bridal-Los Angeles | jewelry: Sea Salt Jewelry Company, Santa Rosa Beach | florals: Florals By The Sea

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February 14, 2016 - 3:55 pm

Best of the Best of SHAREEN Bridal 2015: Intimate Moments | Shareen - […] wearing SHAREEN bridal (one-of-a-kind vintage “Alexa” rework). Photo credit to Jessi Field. Flowers by Florals By The Sea. Venue is Grayton Beach, […]

August 12, 2015 - 6:01 pm

Nicole and Andy: Backyard Beach Bliss | Shareen - […] is wearing SHAREEN bridal (one-of-a-kind vintage rework). Photo credit to Jessi Field. Such beautiful photos, such a beautiful […]

July 6, 2015 - 2:27 pm

Belinda - This is gorgeous and so unique! I absolutely love the surf boards and tambourines! You did amazing!

June 13, 2015 - 10:55 am

Tabitha Rhea Photography - WOW – so love this, the style, the photos, the bride, everything!!

June 5, 2015 - 11:59 am

sarah cambio - So much character in this wedding, I love it!

June 4, 2015 - 9:51 pm

Eve - This is by far one of my favorite posts of yours. I’m obsessed with the details…but those moments you caught are so beautiful!

Chloe + Doug | Bragg-Mitchell Mansion Wedding | Mobile, AL

Sometimes your plan B is better than you ever dreamed your plan A to be.  This wedding proved to be a testament to that.  It rained and then it rained some more…and then, you guessed it, more rain.  The plans for Chloe and Doug’s day were slowly evolving into a plan B no matter how much pleading we did with the sky and the weather app on our phones.  You know what though?  It all worked out beautifully.  Every detail, every moment, the location, every single rain drop was absolutely perfect just the way it was.  The wedding and reception were intimate and love filled with touches of vintage detail and gold that Chloe had put so much thought in to.  We had just enough of a window to have a gorgeous ceremony on the side lawn just as Chloe and Doug had hoped for.  I feel so lucky to have been a part of their day!

mobile destination wedding photographer_0001
mobile destination wedding photographer_0002
mobile destination wedding photographer_0003
mobile destination wedding photographer_0007
mobile destination wedding photographer_0008
blush wedding gown
mobile destination wedding photographer_0005
mobile destination wedding photographer_0009
mobile destination wedding photographer_0013
mobile destination wedding photographer_0014
mobile destination wedding photographer_0029
mobile destination wedding photographer_0027
mobile destination wedding photographer_0016
mobile destination wedding photographer_0017
mobile destination wedding photographer_0018
mobile destination wedding photographer_0031
mobile destination wedding photographer_0020
mobile destination wedding photographer_0021
mobile destination wedding photographer_0022
mobile destination wedding photographer_0024
mobile destination wedding photographer_0019
mobile destination wedding photographer_0023
mobile destination wedding photographer_0028
mobile destination wedding photographer_0030
mobile destination wedding photographer_0025


MADE MORE AWESOME WITH THE HELP OF THESE PROFESSIONALS-  photography: Jessi Field Photography | venue: Bragg-Mitchell Mansion, Mobile, AL | wedding planner and designer: Megan K. Events | florals and setup: Supposey Florals | hair + makeup: Jacey Consentino at Skin | band: Continuum | cake: Little House Bake Shop | rentals: Clarke Rentals | caterer: Classic City Catering | transportation: Celepretty Limo | officiant: Bobby Walkins


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May 6, 2015 - 11:01 pm

Eve - These are amazing! Even the details give me the feels.

Dakota + Greg | A Valentine’s Day Elopement | Pensacola Beach, FL

On Valentine’s Day, I got to spend some time with Dakota and Greg…and be a part of their very special day!  They eloped here in Pensacola just the way they wanted to–the two of them, myself and their officiant, and the Florida sunshine.  Dakota and Greg travelled here for their small ceremony and we spent the day on a little Pensacola beach adventure.  Everything was beautiful!  Now that they have told their families and friends, I am so excited to share some from their day!   Congratulations, Dakota and Greg!


rose gold wedding band
wedding bands on flowers
wedding rings
pensacola destin florida wedding elopement photographer
pensacola destin florida wedding elopement photographer
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0006
pensacola destin florida wedding elopement photographer
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0008
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0009
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0010
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0011
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0012
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0014
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0015
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0016
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0018
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0019
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0020
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0021
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0022
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0023
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0024
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0025
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0026
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0027
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0028
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0029
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0030
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0031
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0032
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0033
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0034
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0035
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0036
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0037
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0038
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0039
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0040
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0041
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0042
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0043
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0044
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0045
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0046
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0047
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0048
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0049
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0050
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0051
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0052
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0053
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0054
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0055
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0056
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0057
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0058
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0059
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0060
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0061
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0062
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0063
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0064
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0065
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0066
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0067
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0068
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0069
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0070
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0071
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0072
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0073
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0074
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0075
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0076
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0077
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0078
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0079
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0080
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0081
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0083
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0085
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0086
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0087
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0088
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0089
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0090
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0091
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0092
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0093
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0094
pensacola destin wedding photographer_0095

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March 11, 2015 - 3:57 am

Karren Nielsen - Beautiful Pictures…Very Happy For Both of you.

March 10, 2015 - 3:34 am

Laura Denison Amacker - I love them all! I am a very happy momma and I know she will cherish these forever!

March 9, 2015 - 9:44 pm

Lynnae Hahn - You did a great job! These are so beautiful. -Aunt Lynnae

Love + Citrus | Tony + Alisha | Pensacola Beach, FL

Earlier in the year, Alisha and Tony celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary.  (WOOHOO!)   I wanted to do something special for them, so I invited them to be the ‘models’ for this small styled session.  They had no idea what they were in for when they said yes, but I was so glad they trusted me enough to just go for it!  Love and Citrus was conceptualized because we wanted to bring the styled shoot home to what we know. The Gulf Coast always makes me think of sunshine and citrus, beaches, and bright colors. There was actually no sunshine on the day of the shoot, but it made for some of the dramatic shots on the beach. The genuine surprise from the couple and the amount of love the oozed from the two of them made up for any lack of sun we may of had  We mashed up what you’d expect with the things you wouldn’t and it truly was perfect.

pensacola florida wedding photographer_0137

pensacola florida wedding photographer_0100
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0101
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0102
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0103
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0104
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0152
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0106
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0107
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0136
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0105
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0108
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0109
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0110
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0111
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0112
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0138
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0140
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0114
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0116
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0117
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0139
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0149
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0118
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0119
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0120
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0142
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0141
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0153
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0121
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0145
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0124
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0143
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0123
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0144
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0125
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0126
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0127
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0128
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0129
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0130
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0131
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0132
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0133
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0134
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0135
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0146
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0147
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0148
pensacola florida wedding photographer_0151


concept, design + photography: Jessi Field Photography // planning + design: Kiley Manning // design assistants: Nick Sexton, Samantha Eckiss // location: Pensacola Beach, Florida // florals: Supposey Florals // styling + furniture: Chloe Lawry, Supposey Rentals // motorcycle + sidecar: Pat Bolster // invitation: Kortnee Senn, Studio Senn // hair: Maxine Lyvers at Arrow Salon // make-up: Kat O’Connor // jewelry: Bere Jewelers // sweets, dessert table + bar setup: Kiley Manning at The Magnolia // adorably in love models: Tony + Alisha Chavez


as featured on Green Wedding Shoes!

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May 7, 2015 - 6:29 pm

Jessi - No, thank you! It meant a lot to me being able to make this special for you guys.

March 10, 2015 - 1:58 pm

Tony Chavez - Just looking over these again!! So thankful that you did this for us!! We’ll remember this forever!! Thank you Thank you!! :-)

December 30, 2014 - 12:48 am

Niv Shimshon - Wow! This couple will thank you for the rest of their life!

December 23, 2014 - 7:35 pm

Melissa McClure - Absolutely stunning! I’m in love with just about everything at this shoot including the photos! So perfect.

December 17, 2014 - 10:22 pm

Kelsea Holder - These vibrant, citrusy colors look so amazing on the beach! I’m in love!!!! Beautiful.

Wild Hearts | KerriAnne + Jeffrey | Navarre, FL

Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit wild.  –Alexis Delp


A post-wedding love session that is a perfect reflection of this twosome; playful, adventurous, whimsical, wild, and so in love. What I love most about this entire session though, is that it is real. This is truly KerriAnne and Jeffrey.  They are crazy about one another, a little offbeat, and seriously adorable people.

 And it is on a farm.

With chickens, goats, and horses.

And there is this AMAZING twig crown.

And a private beach.

And a vintage gown.

I’m seriously smitten.



Florals: Supposey

Hair: Cathy Sheldon at Eimaj Salon & Spa

Makeup: Eliza George, MUA

Dress re-design and alterations: Ruthy’s Custom Creations

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