Margeaux + Ben | Lee House Wedding | Seminole, AL

Margeaux and Ben are the type of people who have infectious laughter, kind hearts, and are always on the ‘glass half full’ side of life. They complement and balance one another.  Witnessing their wedding day was truly a testament to how the universe gives back to you what you exude into it.  The day was beautiful and easy.  There was so much love and fun had, and we were so grateful to document it all and be a part of it!  Here is a little throwback to Margeaux and Ben’s intimate ceremony in Seminole, AL and their Lee House wedding celebration in Pensacola, FL.

pensacola wedding photographer_0021
pensacola wedding photographer_0022
pensacola wedding photographer_0023
pensacola wedding photographer_0024
pensacola wedding photographer_0025
pensacola wedding photographer_0026
pensacola wedding photographer_0098
pensacola wedding photographer_0028
pensacola wedding photographer_0029
pensacola wedding photographer_0030
pensacola wedding photographer_0031
pensacola wedding photographer_0027
pensacola wedding photographer_0032
pensacola wedding photographer_0033
pensacola wedding photographer_0036
pensacola wedding photographer_0035
pensacola wedding photographer_0038
pensacola wedding photographer_0037
pensacola wedding photographer_0040
pensacola wedding photographer_0039
pensacola wedding photographer_0041
pensacola wedding photographer_0042
pensacola wedding photographer_0044
pensacola wedding photographer_0043
pensacola wedding photographer_0054
pensacola wedding photographer_0053
pensacola wedding photographer_0055
pensacola wedding photographer_0060
pensacola wedding photographer_0056
pensacola wedding photographer_0052
pensacola wedding photographer_0067
pensacola wedding photographer_0066
pensacola wedding photographer_0062
pensacola wedding photographer_0045
pensacola wedding photographer_0064
pensacola wedding photographer_0061
Lee House Pensacola
pensacola wedding photographer_0048
pensacola wedding photographer_0072
Betty Weber Cakes
pensacola wedding photographer_0069
pensacola wedding photographer_0070
Classic City Catering
pensacola wedding photographer_0078
pensacola wedding photographer_0046
pensacola wedding photographer_0077
pensacola wedding photographer_0079
pensacola wedding photographer_0080
pensacola wedding photographer_0050
pensacola wedding photographer_0093
pensacola wedding photographer_0082
pensacola wedding photographer_0083
pensacola wedding photographer_0084
pensacola wedding photographer_0086
pensacola wedding photographer_0088
pensacola wedding photographer_0091
pensacola wedding photographer_0095
pensacola wedding photographer_0085
pensacola wedding photographer_0096

MADE MORE AWESOME WITH THE HELP OF THESE PROFESSIONALS-  photography: Jessi and Jessica at Jessi Field Photography | hair: Maxine Lyvers | ceremony venue: Private Residence, Seminole, AL | reception venue: Lee House Pensacola |  florals + design: Ella Floral Event Design | cake: Betty Weber | catering: Classic City Catering

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Ashton + Alex | Milton Engagement | Milton, FL

I met Ashton and Alex when they first started dating.  Ashton and Alex played husband and wife for a styled session and it was obvious then that there were true sparks between the two of them (and that they would do just about anything for each other).  I  watched Ashton dote on Party Down South about her new boyfriend shortly after our play date and was lucky to watch it play out in real life as well.  Earlier this year Alex proposed at Disneyland and of course, Ashton said yes.  Not only are they crazy about each other, they’re officially getting married!

They led me on an adventure in the woods of Milton and this spot was pure MAGIC.  It felt like them.  It felt like home.  It felt like a place that Ashton and Alex would go to spend time together away from everything else.

Ashton and Alex, we cannot wait for your November wedding!

Now I finally get to photograph you guys really getting married… 😉  

pensacola engagement photographer_0001
pensacola engagement photographer_0002
pensacola engagement photographer_0003
pensacola engagement photographer_0030
pensacola engagement photographer_0004
pensacola engagement photographer_0033
pensacola engagement photographer_0006
pensacola engagement photographer_0007
pensacola engagement photographer_0008
pensacola engagement photographer_0010
pensacola engagement photographer_0009
pensacola engagement photographer_0011
pensacola engagement photographer_0012
pensacola engagement photographer_0015
pensacola engagement photographer_0016
pensacola engagement photographer_0017
pensacola engagement photographer_0018
pensacola engagement photographer_0019
pensacola engagement photographer_0020
pensacola engagement photographer_0022
pensacola engagement photographer_0023
pensacola engagement photographer_0021
pensacola engagement photographer_0024
pensacola engagement photographer_0025
pensacola engagement photographer_0027
pensacola engagement photographer_0026
pensacola engagement photographer_0028

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March 14, 2017 - 5:15 pm

Eve - These are so gorgeous! The couple looks so happy and the location is to die for.

Samantha | Gypsy Soul | The Burch House, Pace, FL

“All my life,

my heart has sought

a thing I cannot name.” 

–Hunter S. Thompson


Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.

burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0033
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0002
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0003
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0001
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0004
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0006
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0007
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0005
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0009
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0010
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0031
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0011
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0012
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0013
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0014
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0032
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0008
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0015
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0016
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0017
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0018
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0019
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0020
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0021
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0022
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0023
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0024
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0034
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0025
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0026
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0035
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0028
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0027
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0030
burch house_jessi field_pensacola_0029

MADE MORE AWESOME WITH THE HELP OF THESE PROFESSIONALS-  photography: Jessi and Jessica at Jessi Field Photography | model: Samantha Kelly | hair + makeup: Samantha Kelly | venue: The (oh so gorgeous) Burch House | dress: For Love & Lemons |

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February 16, 2017 - 10:00 am

A lifestyle session edited with the LOAF presets - […] Do you want to see more of this session, click here. […]